Spring Cruise, 2018

We are having 2 cruises in the spring of 2018, a 12 day before the race cruise to Conception
bay/ Santa Rosalia and a 5 day cruise up the coast beginning the Monday after the race.
The early cruise will leave San Carlos on Monday may 14th for a 79 mile crossing to
Concepcion Bay. We plan on spending 4 days in the Concepcion area. The program includes
cocktail parties, TSC Olympics, potlucks, fireworks, & a restaurant banquet. May 19 we will
anchor at San Marcos island for 2 more days of activities and then off to historic Santa Rosalia
for a mine tour among other things. We plan to return to San Carlos by Friday May 25th.
The 5 day after the race cruise will head north from San Carlos on Monday May 28, 12 miles to
San Pedro Bay for 2 days then other 12 miles north to Las Cocinas Bay for 2 days, retiring to
San Carlos on Friday June 1st. Activities will be similar to the early trip minus restaurant & mine
tour. I am looking for someone to lead this trip, can you help?
Departure times & headings are, as always, subject to the weather.
We are having a cruise meeting at Brother John’s restaurant on Wednesday April 18th 6PM to
finalize plans & match up buddy boats, and crew positions.

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