Cruising with the Tucson Sailing Club

Twice a year, members of the Tucson Sailing Club take off to cruise the coast of Mexico. This biannual event is scheduled to follow the International Regatta held in the spring and fall in San Carlos, Mexico.

It certainly looks like they have a lot of fun! 🙂

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The Latest Cruising News

We are having 2 cruises in the spring of 2018, a 12 day before the race cruise to Conception
bay/ Santa Rosalia and a 5 day cruise up the coast beginning the Monday after the race.
The early cruise will leave San Carlos on Monday may 14th for a 79 mile crossing to
Concepcion Bay. We plan on spending 4 days in the Concepcion area. The program includes
cocktail parties, TSC Olympics, potlucks, fireworks, & a restaurant banquet. May 19 we will
anchor at San Marcos island for 2 more days of activities and then off to historic Santa Rosalia
for a mine tour among other things. We plan to return to San Carlos by Friday May 25th.
The 5 day after the race cruise will head north from San Carlos on Monday May 28, 12 miles to
San Pedro Bay for 2 days then other 12 miles north to Las Cocinas Bay for 2 days, retiring to
San Carlos on Friday June 1st. Activities will be similar to the early trip minus restaurant & mine
tour. I am looking for someone to lead this trip, can you help?
Departure times & headings are, as always, subject to the weather.
We are having a cruise meeting at Brother John’s restaurant on Wednesday April 18th 6PM to
finalize plans & match up buddy boats, and crew positions.

The Tucson Sailing Club in conjunction with the San Carlos Yacht Club presents the 37th Annual International Cup Regatta San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico May 25th, 26th & 27th, 2018. Notice of Race, Race Registration & Cruising Information to be posted March 12, 2018 to the Tucson Sailing Club Web Site  and the TSC Facebook Page .

The first cruise involves two crossings of the Gulf of California of 18 plus hours. If you are new to cruising and would like to join us with your boat please call Dr Richard Sebastian, 520-297-4455, for more information and a possible link up with a buddy boat.
Most of the cruisers want to be back in time for the May 26th race so we will be departing San Carlos on Sunday 5/14 for a 12 day trip, returning to San Carlos on Thursday 5/25.
Here is the proposed schedule for the TSC May cruise, weather permitting. If wind is out of the south on the 14th we may reverse the course:

May 14th, leave for San Juanico at 2AM, (96 miles, 18hrs @ 5.5 kts.
May 15 – 19, San Juanico/ Ramada area.
May 20 – 22, Santispac area
May 23- 24 San Marcos/ Santa Rosalia
May 25, to San Carlos, 74 miles about 14 daylight hours.

There will be one boat leaving early, about May 1st, for La Paz with the intention of joining us on the 14th. Contact Harry March 520-720-8291 for more info on this early start.

Activities will include olympic games , fishing derby, toy sailboat races, ( made from beach flotsam & duct tape), sky lanterns & pot lucks galore.

Their will also be a second, shorter, cruise after the regatta to San Pedro bay and/or Los Cocinas (The Kitchens). Contact Duff Fletcher at or 520-825-4555 for details.

Sailor pointing the way

After our 2014 May regatta in San Carlos, Mexico, some of the club’s sailors took off for a cruise along the coast. Check out these pictures, courtesy of Terri Sebastian. It looks like they had fun, and caught some fish, too! See the pictures…

Sailing Vessel Half Cat

Reina (the cat) talks about Cruising the Sea of Cortez in the spring of 2014. The trip hits San Carlos, Chencho, Ensenada El Carricito, Bahia Algodones, Bahia San Pedro, and more. The theme song of the trip seems to be “No, Reina, No.”…

And the winners are...

The cruisers who took off to explore more of Mexico after the 2013 spring regatta had an amazing time. Enjoy these pictures, courtesy of Karin. They may make you want to join the group next time! 🙂 See the pictures…

The 2011 Tucson Sailing Club Fall Cruise ended up being a small and intimate affair after several boats bowed out due to mechanical problems or concerns about the weather forecast. Nonetheless, the crews of Half Cat and Caliente headed out Monday afternoon in a brisk breeze. Caliente promptly returned to San Carlos…

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