Fall Cruise In The Sea of Cortez Information

The following are the details for the Fall cruise. If you are planning on cruising, please contact me at [email protected]
Long Cruise:
Leave san Carlos Mon. 10/9 : 132 nm
Isla Estanque 10/11 – 10/13: 44 nm
Puerto Refugio 10/14 -10/17: 44 nm
BDLA 10/18: 7 nm
Puerto Don Juan 10/18 -19: 14 nm
Animas Slot/ Isla Sal Si Puedes 10/20 -10/22: 106 nm
Las Cocinas 10/24: 28 nm
San Carlos Wed. 10/25
Please note this trip involves overnight passages. In addition, the only stop available for fuel and provisions will be at BDLA. From San Carlos to BDLA via Isla Estanque and Puerto Refugio is 220 nm. Carry sufficient fuel.

There will be a short cruise to San Pedro and/or Los Cocinas after the regatta.

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