Jellyfish Medusas

It appears that there are no blue bubbles around San Carlos, yet, this year.

Of course, before going in the water check the beach to see if there are any blue bubbles “agua male”…if you find any, it is a good idea to skip swimming that day!!!

If stung by these jelly fish, douse the area with vinegar, which is easy & works best. Be sure to wash with clean water to clean the area 1st & to remove any left-overs, then apply vinegar, which balances the pH.

It will feel like a burn for around 20 min to 1/2 hour, so you may wish to cool with ice or cool water after the vinegar works its magic.

A while back when one of our group was stung and had an allergic reaction that began impeding his ability to breathe, the clinic in San Carlos was wonderful and very helpful.

Courtesy Herm Beeck

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