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IMG_0869Where are you going?  Where would you like to go?  Need crew or want to be crew?

IMG_2206Let everyone know right here.  Members are regularly going and coming from various nautical places.  So if you have an extra seat in your truck heading for a Mexico weekend, need a line-handler for your racing boat, or want a cook for your cruise, post your comment below and check back regularly.  Comments will be deleted after roughly 30 days, so re-post if you are still looking.


  1. john callor (first and prince)

    T.S.C. member looking to join a crew crossing the sea of cortez . will pay my share of all expenses. I am an easy going “old salt” with 40 years of experience in 16,27 and 45ftboats. presently own 45ft dragon lady.I enjoy sailing at night . “sailing should be fun ” I am retired 215 lbs 75 years old , with the stamina to be president.

  2. Member of the Foreign Service currently working in Mexico; I love to sail and have bare boated up to 45 foot in the Caribbean through The Moorings. Would love to crew in Sea of Cortez. Also interested in renting to introduce my kids to sailing. Available weekends, and with notice, longer.

    • Michael
      Not yet a member of TSC, but I would like to talk to you about sailing in Mexico, I have a boat in San Carlos.

      • Hi Francis,

        I’m leading a TSC cruise across the gulf May 14th for 11 days, See the details on the TSC web site.
        Give me a call @520-297-4455 if you would like to talk about Mexico sailing & cruise details.

        Dr Richard Sebastian

  3. Looking for a ride to San Carlos or return ride. Just need to drop down to look over a boat to buy.

  4. Not yet a member but read the story in the Star today. Am a former racing crew member, a boat owner and a lover of all things sailing. Ready willing and able to crew for racing in either SC or Rocky Point.

    • Hi Rick,

      you are very welcome to come to our next meeting, Tue. April 25th, 7 PM at Brother Johns BBQ. (see “meetings” on this web site. Meet the members & happy hour ’till 7 PM.

      Richard Sebastian, sail instructor

  5. Am not a member yet. Loved the story in the Star. I am a snow bird from Michigan. Taught sailing 101 at several summer camps. Years ago. Sailed lots of different small craft (dingys, penguin, thistle, pirateers). I would love to get involved. Tucson Sailing Club, how cool is that?!?!

  6. Hi Laura,

    As I mentioned to Rick, you are very welcome to come to our next meeting, Tue. April 25th, 7 PM at Brother Johns BBQ. (see “meetings” on this web site. Meet the members & happy hour ’till 7 PM. contact me if you have any questions.

    Richard Sebastian, club sail instructor

  7. I have a boat in San Carlos (since January) and am gradually getting her ready for extended sailing. On occasion, I’m looking for crew to go out for day sails, usually on the weekend there. Any members or others that hang out in San Carlos and would like to do so, let me know, or if you know others that might be interested in crewing/sailing. I have a 38′ Freedom.

  8. New TSC member has 4 decades racing experience from 22′ to 60′ boats blue water & lakes seeks crew billet and a ride to San Carlos from Tucson for 26-28 May 2017 Regatta. Thanks! 508-331-5093

  9. We are driving to San Carlos on Friday, May 26th. Leaving early, like 0600 or thereabouts. Would be happy to caravan. Call me at (510) 393-2074.

  10. I’m looking for capable people in San Carlos that work on boats; I have a few names, and am curious about other people’s experience/recommendations. I’ve heard there’s a yard in Guaymas also that is supposedly full service.

  11. I’m going to San Carlos June 30 and returning Monday or Tuesday, if someone needs a ride or something shuttled.

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