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IMG_0869Want to crew, need crew:


Each year the TSC receives several requests from people looking for crew positions on one of

our sailboats. If you want to crew please send a brief resume to me with your information.

There are usually more folks wanting to crew than there are positions for them so let’s make an effort to accommodate these people. If you would like to take on a crew member Please let me know details, boat size, experience desired etc.

Contact Richard Sebastian, Cruise Chairman, at rsebas7@gmail.com.

For those wishing to crew or need crew for the Regatta or who need transportation or wish to share transportation to or from San Carlos or who wish to share a trip elsewhere, you may post your information here and/or the Facebook page.

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  1. Hi

    I am a retired gentleman wanting to learn the ropes about sailing in Mexico. I have some sailing experience, liveaboard for a few years in the gulf, however, not wanting to be any ones galley slave. LOL. I would need place to stay on board is ok and that is all. Will transport self in convoy if possible. The dates are flexible and i am open to any time frame for cruising or just vacation.
    Thanks Slim

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