Rides and Crew

IMG_0869Where are you going?  Where would you like to go?  Need crew or want to be crew?

IMG_2206Let everyone know right here.  Members are regularly going and coming from various nautical places.  So if you have an extra seat in your truck heading for a Mexico weekend, need a line-handler for your racing boat, or want a cook for your cruise, post your comment below and check back regularly.  Comments will be deleted after roughly 30 days, so re-post if you are still looking.

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  1. Hi

    I am a retired gentleman wanting to learn the ropes about sailing in Mexico. I have some sailing experience, liveaboard for a few years in the gulf, however, not wanting to be any ones galley slave. LOL. I would need place to stay on board is ok and that is all. Will transport self in convoy if possible. The dates are flexible and i am open to any time frame for cruising or just vacation.
    Thanks Slim

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