What is the Sailors Auction?

This is a way the club decided many years ago, to get rid of all your extra, not used, excess boating stuff. Clean out your shed, closet, bilge or garage of unwanted, unused boating stuff. We will auction it off at the Oct. general meeting…as the saying goes…one mans trash is one mans treasure. We’ve had all kinds of things brought for auction over the years, from anchors to sails, yard art to nautical books. Someone always finds just what they need. The funds raised go into the treasury toward events we have during the year. Its even better when you bring something to auction and take something home from auction. If you never used what you got last year, bring it back, we can reauction it.

It’s fun.

Meeting is early this month because of regatta at the end of the month. So mark your calendars.

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