Annual Award Recipients

NOTE: You must be logged in as a member in order to access this. The following are awarded at the Change of Command Banquet every year:

Sailor of the Year
This trophy is awarded by the Commodore to the member who has made the greatest contribution to the Club or achieved the greatest sailing accomplishment during the year. The large silver bowl perpetual trophy is awarded at the Annual Banquet. The previous year’s recipient is given a small engraved bowl to keep.

Service Award
This award is given in recognition of the most significant contribution to the Club during the year. Awarded by the Commodore, this perpetual trophy is a beautiful statue of an old mariner standing on driftwood. This award was designed and constructed by club member and artist Charles Kilmer.

Pony Express Award
This perpetual trophy of a sailboard crested by a horseshoe is given to commemorate the sailing skills of the Captain who achieved the lowest total elapsed time around the buoys in both Mexican regattas

Most Improved Sailor
This award is given to the member who has demonstrated the most improvement of the sailing skills during the year. The brass lantern perpetual trophy is award at the Annual Banquet to the recipient selected by the Awards Committee or the Board

Captain Bligh Award
This brass cup topped by an enormous winch handle is symbolic of forced servitude and is awarded to the first mate of the member who has demonstrated the most demonic leadership afloat, reminiscent of trophy’s namesake.

Stinkpotter Award
This award is in recognition of the longest or most sailing under power. The award consists of a mounted camshaft and piston that could be used for a small dingy. Its recipient is determined by the board

Hard Luck Award
The club recognizes the member who has achieved the greatest nautical disaster. The perpetual trophy is made of part of bent mast and other symbols of nautical catastrophizes.

The following document lists all the trophy winners we know of. If you see a blank, please contact the club webmaster so we can complete the list.

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